LIS 010-Where Have All The Rebels Gone?

“Life In Song” #10: Where Have All The Rebels Gone is a protest song about the fact that by 1977 all the people from the sixties who had burned the flag and demonstrated against the Vietnam war had pretty much stopped protesting and were going for the “good life”. It was sparked by an article in the New York Times or Time Magazine or somewhere that caught my interest. It basically said that there were a lot of people in the Soviet Union who were upset that Bob Dylan seemed to have embraced Capitalism. This song was previously released on my “Live Unknown” CD. you can find an mp3 of it on this page as a bonus download.

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Where Have All The Rebels Gone? | Song #10 | October 1977

I don’t know where all the rebels went
Remember the ones who gave their lives to Kent?
And when is the last time that you raised your fist?
Or burned a flag, to resist?
And if it is too dim in your dishcloth memory
Never mind, just “Let it be”…

Where did the demonstrators go from ’69?
Perhaps they’re in front of a fire, slowly sipping wine
Maybe I should believe the Bullshit that I’m told
About how a person simply gets too old
To march in moratorium parades
And put flowers in the guns of police brigades…

Why is it that all our heroes turn to clods?
Look at Hendrix and Joplin, they really shot their wads
And did you hear Bob Dylan’s now a capitalist?
Hey it doesn’t bother me but the commies are pissed
But if it is too dim in your dish cloth memory
Never mind, just “Let it be”…

Tuning: DADGAD, Capo 5th Fret

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