The Boats Are Burning On The Shore

From “Life In Song 2009 – If I could Fly”
A song that came out of a long period of entrepreneurial frustration, dead ends, obstacles, obstinate business partners,  setbacks, cash flow challenges, creditors calling, etc. With the personal realization that on every great journey there are moments when you just want to quit. Those are the moments to get motivated and take massive action! The classic metaphor from history of the leader burning the boats upon arrival in hostile territory says: “There is no going back. There is no Quitting. There’s no place to go but forward. Make your choice and then get moving.” My last NLP class just loved this song and it became the theme of our most recent bootcamp. I hope it motivates you as much as it does me.
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Boats Are Burning | Song #403 | 10/25/09

I wish that I could tell you what you wanted to hear
I wish I could tell you that there’s nothing to fear
But I don’t have time to argue any more
Because the boats are burning on the shore
You can choose to think the thoughts you’ve always thought to think
You can medicate the pain with something strong to drink
But it won’t drown out the wolves howling at your door
Because the boats are burning on the shore

The boats are burning There is no turning back
The boats are burning on the shore
Your life is calling, stop stalling and attack
The boats are burning on the shore

Sometimes you have to do what no one else has done
Sometimes you have to walk when you would much rather run
You can see your self as rich or see your self as poor
But the boats are burning on the shore
Our backs are to the sea and there’s no where else to flee
So we must move forward ever more fiercely
There’s no time for you to add up what you’re due
The boats are burning on the shore

I don’t have time to explain it all to you
Or to take classes in your school of fools
I’m playing by a brand new set of rules
Cause the boats are burning on the shore
This is not a drill It’s either kill or be killed
We’ll either stand or fall but there’s no-one left to call
So lead or follow or get the hell out of the way
Cause the boats are burning on the shore

Look away if you want to or stare into the flames
Focus on your anger or focus on your pain
Either way you may not live to see another day
Cause the boats are burning on the shore
I rather go down fighting knowing that I’d done my best
If I take a bullet I’d prefer it in the chest
Than hiding in a cubicle or clinging to a desk
The boats are burning on the shore


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Coming Home Video

Here’s a video version of “Coming Home” dedicated to Flo @Dancer30815 and other people in need of physical or emotional healing. Please rate and share.

This song is from my Thirsty For The Sky CD


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Walk Through Roses

Added this music video last week to because it embodies some key concepts I teach in my NLP trainings. Although I’ve already shared just the audio with you on this site, I thought you might enjoy the music video as well as my NLP students. Please leave a comment below or share with someone who could use a positive message today. It’s from my Eyes On The Horizon CD

Commentary: Why this is an “NLP Song”: One of the key concepts of NLP is that of Focus. You can focus on what you want or focus on what you don’t want. The problem with focusing on what you don’t want is it sends a message to your unconscious mind to give you that. For example: Don’t think of a blue tree! What happens? Bet you thought of a blue tree right? One of the questions we ask our clients who often have a long list of what they don’t want is….

“What DO you want?” So that’s what this song is about.

Please let me know what you think.